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(sold) eur40,900 apartment 47sqm total, in 50 meters from..

(sold) EU 40,900, apartment total 47sm, in 50 meters from the beach, fully furnished t0 large studio apartment, bathroom, garden veranda. Sal, Santa Maria,...

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EUR 39,900 apartment T2 75 MQ, three rooms + bathroom,
big kitchen room, Double room, children's bedroom set +
veranda, Santa Maria, Sal, Capo Verde Vacanze
sails iniector T2 1à plan 39,900 19-08-10

220,000 create your B&B 6 combined two-bedroom apartments furnished in condominium 100 meters from the beach SANTA MARIA Sal CapoVerdeHolidays
A6 Esterno_ to iniector B&B condo Azzalea santa maria Sal capoverde holidays eeevai

29,000 apartment T1.65 Mq,
2 premises + bathroom, big kitchen room, Double room,
+ veranda, and inner courtyard Santa Maria, Sal, Capo Verde Vacanze
ad iniector

for information click the photo
01 Like ' Chichi eeevai caboverdevacanze.com


For information click the photo
A large store with a large 3 display cabinetsin a beautiful complex Coquero Cape Verde Santa Maria, Sal island, 50 meters from the beach antonio susa .

100 metres from the mail 500 meters from the village center

ad iniector Coqueiro59900 English

Custom T-shirt shirts, Stickers, Embroidery,
Clothes, from work, Stamps,

2 GIBO Produção Lda www.eeevai.com2