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Ultrasonic Level Meter suppliers

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  • Pubblicato: 20/04/2021 05:13
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The integrated ultrasonic level meter is a digital level meter controlled by a microprocessor. In the measurement, the ultrasonic pulse is emitted by the sensor, and the sound wave is radiated by the liquid surface and received by the sensor. It is converted into an electrical signal by a piezoelectric crystal or magnetostrictive device.
The time between the transmission and reception of the sound wave is calculated from the sensor to the measured liquid The distance from the surface. The integrated ultrasonic level meter adopts non-contact measurement, almost unlimited to the measured medium, and can be widely used for measuring the height of liquid and solid materials.
The integrated ultrasonic level meter are usually used in:
Water and sewage treatment: pump house, collection well, biochemical reaction tank, sedimentation tank, etc.
Electricity, mines: mortar pool, coal slurry pool, water treatment, etc.
Main Features
鈽?Adopting advanced microprocessor and unique ED echo processing technology, it can be applied to various complicated working conditions.
鈽?The transducer has a built-in temperature sensor, which can realize temperature compensation of the measured value.
鈽?Chinese and English menu display makes application and debugging easier.
鈽?Not affected by medium density, viscosity and temperature changes.
鈽?Non-contact, high-reliability, maintenance-free instrument.
Process Connection:G1陆A, G2A, Flange or swivelling holder
The sensor material锛?/p>PTFE/PU/PC
Beam Angle5.5掳/ 3掳
Power supply锛?/p>2-Wire*Standard Version锛?16锝?6)V DC
*Intrinsic Safe Version锛?21.6锝?6.4)V DC
*Power consumption锛歮ax.22.5mA
*Ripple Allowance锛氾紞<100Hz Uss<1V
锛?100锝?00K)Hz Uss<10mV
4-Wire*Intrinsic Safe+Explosion-Proof锛?22.8锝?6.4)V DC,
(198锝?42)V AC
*Power consumption锛歮ax.1VA锛?W
Display锛?/p>4 digit LCD
Accuracy锛?/p>K0.5%(Full measurement range)
Output current锛?/p>4-20mA
Output load锛?/p>0-500惟
Process Temperature 锛圥robe锛?/p>-40 鈩儈70鈩?/p>
Temperature for Storage/Transport-40 鈩儈70鈩?/p>
Pressure range锛?/p>卤0.1MPa (press definitely)
Resolution of Display锛?/p>1mm
Relative Humidity锛?/p><95%
Measuring Cycle锛?/p>1.5 seconds
Protect grade锛?/p>(PU/PC锛欼P66) (PTEE锛?IP67)
鈼廡he instrument has the following range specifications:
Liquid level: 4m,6m,8m,12m,20m,30m;
Material level: 3m,5m,7m,10m,15m;Ultrasonic Level Meter suppliers
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